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1. Indian Classical Music on the Piano (2018)


This record is really special for me. I recorded most of it towards the end of my Masters Program in Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory of Music. Its been a period of taking everything I thought I knew into pieces, re-evaluating every decision I made and slowly put back everything that survived.

The biggest grounding force for me in my musical journey is my guru Ustad Wasifuddin Dagar and the incredible Dhrupad tradition which I am obsessed with. Deciding to play this music on the piano is like a
asymptote-the closer you get, the further away you realise you are! Every record is like a postcard on fulfilling your ultimate musical intentions and this one is no exception. My attempt is to explore the expressive potential of the piano in playing this music.

The ragas and pieces I chose for this record were pivotal landmarks in
my process of understanding why I make music. The track “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram”, in particular, is acomposition that I have related to in many different ways over the years. This year it has a very intense and personal significance for me and I felt that I had to include it. I am incredibly indebted to all my teachers, peers,
heroes and family for everything. This record is dedicated to my nana Suresh Johri and nani Urmila Johri.

Huge thanks to the incredible Nitin Mitta for playing some incredible tabla on this record with me and sharing his unique and creative ideas.



2. The Fluid Piano (2016)


The first ever album on this groundbreaking prototype instrument! Its a totally acoustic piano, invented by Geoff Smith, which can bend notes and access microtonal intonations with ease.



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Click here to download the free 20 page booklet with details about the background research work, the instrument, programme notes for the tracks and shruti ratios used.

Fluid Piano





3. Ragas Al Pianoforte (2010)

– Live at the Novara Jazz Festival

Utsav Lal: Ragas al Pianoforte


4. Ragas To Reels (2014)

– Live at the Bluefrog. Featuring Sam Comerford on flute/tenor saxophone and Durjay Bhaumik on tabla. An exciting confluence of Indian ragas and Irish Reels celebrating the depth and beauty of both the genres.


Utsav Lal: Ragas to Reels


5.  Ragas Dance of Piano Keys (2009)

– Recorded live at Blue Frog Mumbai. Featuring Suryakshya Deshpande on tabla.


Utsav Lal: Ragas Dance off Piano Keys



I had the chance to be part of this wonderful album featuring original compositions by all the students while I was studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The album is available at the following link.

RCS Jazz: I’m Ready Now